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Teddy's journey began in 2019, when we promise ourselves that every childhood should have a Teddy in their hands and lives. Our Teddy gradually started to get distributed among children through various aspects like good education, good health, safety, legal child rights, moral values, happiness and dignity. Our various programme fulfill our cause to ensure a happy childhood of our surrounding. Also we are committed that every child should get what he/ she deserves. So this journey of our Teddy to love, care and share will go on and on.


Our Fields

Child Education

Our mission is that every child should go to school and knows the importance of education.

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Girl Empowerment

Our Teddy's one of the favorite campaign is to spread happiness.

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Child Safety

Our another mission is that every child should have safe and secure childhood.

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Child Happiness

Care and Love are basic essentials a child should get. Our various program to distribute

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Child Legal Rights

Every child has the right to live a happy, safe and dignified life with proper care and love.

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Child Moral education and Character Building

Child Moral education and Character Building

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Child health

A happy mind and healthy body make a healthy nation ahead.

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Child and parental counseling

As it is necessary that Guardians should understand and consider the importance of different

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Mission & Vision

Mentor Giving Teddy Charitable Society

I'm excited to see the creation of this sacred space for people associated with and supporting this lovely charity to come together and, among other things, help with spreading the charity's mission, presence and activities

Michael Matik

Advisor :: Giving teddy charitable society

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Mr. Michael Matik

Founder of Higher Self Healers


Arpita Shrivastava



Ashutosh Shrivastava



Dr. Kavita Dive

Joint Secretary


Apurva Shrivastava


Expert Pannel

Name Designation
Dr. Anil Pare Hon.Judge, High Court Indore
Dr Amit Bang Senior Pediatrician, indore
Dr. Kamna Nigam Senior Pediatrician, Indore
Mr. Jitendra Singh Yadav Senior Advocate, High Court Indore
Mrs. Veena Shrivastava Philanthropist, Indore
Dr. Archana Shrivastava Child Psychologist, Indore
Teddy’s Smiles

Our Teddy is eager and excited to become friends with little angels of this whole world.

  • Our Teddy is gifted in the form of education when we organise educational camps and charities.

  • Teddy comes in the form of smiling faces when we distribute toys and happiness.

  • Teddy shines like the Sun when we organise some very beautiful programmes cultivating moral values and good character in children.

  • Teddy feels empowered when we organise child development, safety, legal rights and other empowerment programmes.

  • Our Teddy is always ready to love all children, cultivate their happy and healthy childhood including offering proper food and children vaccinations, and share every good thing with a smile.

About Teddy's Pathways

know about Teddy's Pathways

Our Teddy seeks a path where we get more opportunities to serve and pamper childhood. We are committed that one of our Teddy should be ensured school education. One Teddy is of healthy childhood with proper food and completes vaccinations. Another Teddy is the cultivations of moral values and good character in children. And several other Teddy's of child safety, legal rights, empowerment and lots of happiness’s are looking forward to come in hands of children this year.